Easter in Kent just a few of rubbles pictures

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  1. easter camp 2016 110.JPG happy kiters and a sandy one who was happeir than after his shower easter camp 2016 085.JPG easter camp 2016 086.JPG sun!! easter camp 2016 130.JPG migrants landed from milton keynes n cambridge easter camp 2016 129.JPG just a few ill add more ina mo
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  2. easter camp 2016 096.JPG betty getting it up easter camp 2016 104.JPG the sandy bays getting it up easter camp 2016 106.JPG the mks getting it out easter camp 2016 107.JPG andrew mk checking his "kite" easter camp 2016 108.JPG Chloe interested in something? easter camp 2016 119.JPG yes you can go andrew easter camp 2016 133.JPG amellia having it large easter camp 2016 087.JPG early crew sun bathing easter camp 2016 089.JPG bob had said he always wanted a picture of the milkway so i got him one fa easter . thats it fa now folks , we had a great time and some real laughs n the chinese takeaway delivered to the site want bad frid night either .

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  3. Looks ace Barney , nice bit of sun as well :thumbsup:
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  4. Terrordales

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    I see one of the migrants is giving his opinion about the beaches of Kent. :D
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  5. This was one of my faves from the weekend:
    20160327_102554.jpg coz when you zoom in closer you find...
    Happy days! :)
  6. Not a bad looking bunch of TLB'ers... Easter Gang.jpg
    ...despite the copious alcohol intake over the previous two nights!!
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  7. looks like you had a great weekend! :thumbsup:
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  8. It was a fab weekend... even had some special lighting effects just before Storm Katie played havoc with our awning! :)

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  9. we saw a double rainbow in our mirror on way darn sarf , you needed me sitting init andrew eating another of your super breakies !!
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  10. Must have been the same rainbow, Barnie... shining on the righteous!

    Missed you both this morning... we went back to the same restaurant for a cooked brekkie this morning (the one we went to for lunch yesterday)... beats cooking it ourselves!

    Bet you were glad you were sleeping beneath a proper roof last night.... Bob spent most of the night holding on to his to stop it lifting off!! :-(
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    It was shining on Scotland then? :confused:
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  12. Much respect to all who braved it out in the fields over the weekend . Needs
  13. Ah , left finger hit the wrong thingy . Needs to be another 10 degrees warmer before we come out to play .
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  14. As a Killie man myself, Don - I tend to agree! :thumbsup:
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  15. Feel like I missed out! MINES A DOOMBAR!
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  16. invites were their fa all ........................................ no cum no fun :D
  17. The times I've said that!!!! :rolleyes:
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    It was a lovely weekend but thank goodness for Barney's and Andrew's awnings for giving us shelter from the wind and Andrew getting a Chinese meal delivered to Barney's awning was a stroke of genius and the icing on the cake (metaphorically speaking obviously, they didn't have cake on the menu).
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