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  1. I really need to find something else to post about but here's another one from FB

    Link- https://www.facebook.com/genevieve.roberts.129/posts/10158592313930608


    My lovely applejack green van, home for many an adventure, has gone missing. Please look out for it - and spread this message far and wide.
    It was in the van garage to have a new seat fitted for my newborn daughter ready for our summer holiday when it went missing.
    If you're on the road, or looking to buy a van here or overseas please look out for it. Camper van community - I know you have eagle eyes - please look out for my beloved van and let me or the police know!

    Reg: NEY 465R
    Type: 1977 Westfalia VW camper van with original fittings
    Drive: European left-hand drive
    Fittings: Original fittings, pop top
    VIN: 2372100581

    NB if anyone in south east London is looking to have any van work done, I would recommend that you avoid asking Oliver Taylor of East Dulwich Campers (which has now, I find out, gone into liquidation, though is still trading), also director of AOB Classics Ltd and also invoicing under Marco's Campers.
    It took him three weeks to let me know my van had disappeared from the street near him. http://eastdulwichcampers.co.uk
  2. I wouldn't want to cast aspersions but - that all looks very fishy to me. Van stolen from garage, garage in liquidation mmmmmmm :thinking:
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  3. Three weeks before they told you that your van had been stolen sounds very 'fishy and dishonest' on their part. Will keep a look out in Southend area and around Essex. Hope you find your van soon and all ok.
  4. Fishy indeed. Not my van though, just spreading the word, again.

    Looking at the other one from Brixton I posted recently it all looks a tad organised- someone is stripping or ringing them somewhere.
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  5. so you left your van with a dodgy garage to do a simple seat fitting job. while your van was with them it was nicked from the street and they left it 3 weeks before they told you.

    presumably it was insured and you are making a claim. be prepared for your insurers to ask some awkward questions about why you didn't check with the garage on progress and go and see them. and why it was parked on a public street.

    the whole story sounds fishy in many respects.
  6. The person lost their camper, you dont know the full circumstances, and neither do I. Many people have given work to VW experts and expected work to be turned round and given excuses and then been ripped off by these specialists.
  7. I agree. Its a minefield out there and ripping people off seems all too common, even the big boys like Kwik Fit are at it on a grand scale it seems. See the Kwik Fit thread.

    We have probably all been cheated at some time and its a hard and painful lesson.

    Lets hope their van is found in one piece or the insurance coughs up.
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