FOR SALE Early VW T2 bay cross over 1971/72

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  1. 733543CB-83B7-4FA6-B7B9-CEC85278C98D.jpeg This is a much loved Myrtle the Turtle who is sadly not been used much since the kids came along so reluctantly I’ve decided to part with her. She’s an early VW T2 bay 1971/72 transition model. Road tax exempt. Pretty rare. There’s a pop top, rock n roll back seat/bed, the interior is Westfalia cupboard with stow away And under seat storage. Seat belts front and back. CD/radio and speakers. Hammocks in pop top need repairs. Spare wheel. Engine from late 90s.
    I’m selling as a non runner so you will need to arrange for it to be collected from Sw15 London and taken to garage. Ideally needs an enthusiast to do a full restoration and restore to her former glory. Bodywork is in poor condition patches of rust and foot plates - see photos. Front panel fairly new. Open to reasonable offers. No amateurs please.

    offers in region of £4999

    5D8719CC-4662-4229-B2AB-11A294B5F751.jpeg 7B2871BF-383E-412C-8993-D7BC636CD68C.jpeg 1695DBDF-80D0-4315-B351-00FC468EFE34.jpeg 5394B65C-EB77-4A7E-AE8E-1E1F816D0EBB.jpeg D08A73A4-B3D2-403F-9080-8086EDAAF81F.jpeg 733543CB-83B7-4FA6-B7B9-CEC85278C98D.jpeg
    28D85B75-4DC7-45C8-9A2C-A5EB439BF50E.jpeg 733543CB-83B7-4FA6-B7B9-CEC85278C98D.jpeg
    5CD724FA-C5EA-449B-B30B-1A45C9A3DC3C.jpeg 733543CB-83B7-4FA6-B7B9-CEC85278C98D.jpeg 28D85B75-4DC7-45C8-9A2C-A5EB439BF50E.jpeg

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    All ads need a price please @Sarita - ‘offers in the region of ....’ is acceptable :hattip:
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    You'll need a price mate.
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