early style Devon pop top to Westfalia rear hinged

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  1. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone knows the logistics behind removing an early style devon pop top (with concertina canvas) and replacing it with a rear hinged westfalia roof.

    Am i going to have to cut the whole any bigger or will it be a simple job of taking one off and putting the other on ?

  2. I don’t know but there is a high probability that it won’t be a simple job of taking one off and putting the other on.

    The Westfalia has steel strengthener between the C posts, a pressed flange around the opening and captive nuts in the roof for the hinges. I can measure the hole if it will help.
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  3. The roof openings are in different places.

    On the Devon the hole goes from level with front bulk heads to behind the rear seat. It is approx 6ft.

    The westie hole is either further forward or shorter. I'm sure someone with a westie can measure for you
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  4. The Westy hole is like this.

    IMG_2286 (Medium).JPG
  5. 20180429_090839.jpg Or you could just rear hinge your Devon roof and hydraulic strut it. 20170627_093825.jpg

  6. Yep Rear Hinge would work too. Although you end up with less headroom in the main standing area though.
  7. Yeh Betty doesn’t have to worry about that :D
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  8. Thanks for the help guys :)

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