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  1. I bought an E-Type recently off Car and Classic. Can I find where the charger goes? Can I buggery! :mad:
  2. And they are so silent when running, you will be able to hear them rot as you drive ...and possibly the bits clattering on the road
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  3. Cigarette lighter?
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  4. If you don’t get knocked over going around a corner. Loud pipes save lives!
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  5. So, eClassics has released the pricing for their e-kafer electric beetle. 99,900 euros. Yes, really. Who on earth has that sort of money to be able to do this?

    They will also sell you an electric floorpan ready to bolt on your own body (t1 or t3 only) still expensive just for that at c40k euros.



    Nice idea but just way too much money. I mean, if you really want an electric car, then a brand new tesla model 3 is "only" £40k.

    Makes the orbis bolt on in-wheel system look like good value for money at $10k a pair.

  6. The hand brake needs adjustment....
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    Cripes that's expensive! I was hoping for an "Open Source" style kit; the components needed plus some design docs showing how to modify the chassis. Oh well...
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    Ha ha ha

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