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  1. I sprayed the inside of my beam the other day, then later turned it over to do something and the dynax came pishing out of a drain hole almost like water.
    I wasn't expecting it to be that runny, thought it would be more drippy.
    Is that normal , all you dynaxers?!
  2. Once the solvent has flashed off, it should semi-solidify.
  3. Maybe it was water yellow snowing out!;)
  4. Maybe I didn't shake the can thoroughly enough:thinking:
  5. Should be ok. It will gush out when you first apply it, then starts to set to a semi-stickyness. Over time, it hardens up a bit.
  6. Just tried again, still pishing out...
  7. Give it a chance! Go and have a cup of tea...
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  8. Or, better still, ten cups
  9. I did spray it a couple of days ago.....
  10. Does your beam slosh if you shake it?
  11. How strong do you think he is ? :)
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  12. I reckon he’s filled it with tea :rolleyes:
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  13. No:D

    It wasn't full of rusty water if that's what you mean!

    It's the dynax coming out, just didn't think it would be so runny!
  14. Strong enough to shake a beam.....:D

    It's not really heavy when it's stripped down.
    I could lift and carry it with all the stuff still attached.
    I'm short and I'm skinny, but I'm strong. First baby I had came out sideways, I didn't scream or nothing.
  15. Sounds more like dynarear
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  16. Yeah I swing em round for fun, I thought it was complete, I thought I remembered you stripping before :)
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  17. He’s doing it naked :eek:?
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  18. It's still drying. You've obviously over filled the orifices to bursting point !
    Mine dripped for about a 3 weeks so panic ye not , it'll be fine..

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  19. Dripping Dynax is good :thumbsup:
  20. In yer dreams big boy:eek::D

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