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Discussion in 'Camping Accessories' started by spongebob, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Just got myself this driveaway awning, never heard of them before but it seemed a good German make, and was new on fleabay at around 25% of RRP..popped it up in the garden and seems well made, with zipped in groundsheet and fairly quick and easy to put up...looking forward to giving it some use...

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    looks good buddy!
  3. i like the look of that, how long did it take to erect?
  4. thanks o-b,

    I guess first time round with instructions (that left alot to be desired), it took around 30 mins or so to get it upright and stable...I would guess after a couple of goes it could be fully completed and pegged in the 30 mins....
    plus I didn't have the bus to secure it against so it should be easier when using it properly on site...I quite like the look of the small porch they do for it, although that's nerarly as much as I paid for the awning!

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    Looks good ;D Have you got a link, I cant find it on ebay
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  9. Seems to change colour, in the last picture it's grey?

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