Dubs At The Park 19th May 2019

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    Dubs at the Park
    Sun 19th May

    Easthampstead Park, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG40 3DB

    £7.50 per adult under 16s free

    The UK’s largest People’s Choice Show and Shine!

    The London & Thames Valley VW Club presents the original unique VW show where YOU are the judge and where YOUR VW can be judged! Any VW, any age, any condition can win. This is Dubs at the Park's 15th year , which promises to be the best show yet.

    Live music
    Kids area with bouncy castle
    Hot food & refreshments
    Licensed bar

    ...all at the Park!

    It's a great show, but don't just take our word for it:

    Volksworld magazine: Top show, top organisation, top location... The London and Thames Valley VW Club event is one you should make sure you visit...!

    Ultra VW Magazine: One of our favourite early season events

    Volkswagen Camper & Commercial magazine: It’s already marked in my diary

    Traders & general information:



    www.californiapark.co.uk 0118 973 3928

    www.wellington-country-park.co.uk 0118 932 6444

    You can now join our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/Dubsatthepark) and follow us on Twitter DubsAtThePark Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dubs_at_the_park/

    Vote and be voted!
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  2. If people are interested, I can arrange a latebay display area too.
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  3. This weekend folks of anyone is interested :)
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  4. Can’t make it, gotta work :(
  5. I'll try to get along Iain , but won't be in the van ...

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  6. Have a good one, Iain.

    PS we want lots of pics, please.
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  7. I’m going

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  8. And me:thumbsup:
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  9. Hope it goes well Iain
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  10. I’m away with work from tomorrow. Need to do 8 loads of washing dry it all and pack!
    Bit gutted.
  11. So I change my mind and went anyway. What a lovely show
    Beautiful setting and so chilled out. Not been before but will definitely go again.

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  12. Unfortunately only a couple of photos from me.

    Was good to cath up with those I did, sorry I couldn't chat long was a bit hectic at times.

    Seemed a good show though, from the feedback we've had so far.


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  13. Stunning venue, Iain. And the new front clip on the van looks amazing.
  14. Certainly is, if we ever have to move the show, it won't be easy to get a venue like this again.

    Just hope everyone only took photos from the front :lol:

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