DubFreeze - Stafford - 18-19 Feb 2012

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  1. bernjb56

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    I thought those Iggle Piggle outfits were for sleeping in , not loungewear......
  2. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Administrator

    coool --

    i mean it looks cool as in blooming cold !.
  3. Looks funny but cold. Am in bed trying to be sleeeepy so i can be bright and breezy at 4.14. Hmmm.
  4. :) Pete was in his bus changing the cd when he over balanced and went head first in to the foot well, then he rang me to rescue him. *****


  5. paradox

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  6. paradox

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    Wait till he needs a ******* in the night and he cant undo the zips lol
  8. paradox

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    Wire food bag ties would work well
  9. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.

    I was comfy lol not best pics of me lol well still snowing here and inside of bus had layer of frost :(

    Must say the Iggle Piggle body bag is toasty warm :)
  10. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

  11. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Administrator

    anyone thawed the campers out yet -- brrrr
  12. To all those Late Bayers at Dubfreeze who braved the snow, ice and hail last night. Thanks for a fantastic night and thanks for inviting me to join you in your curry it was fab... but In was wondering one thing, Pete, Whos Fletch??? :eek:
  14. See Im not the only one who falls asleep infront of the fire by half nine after 2 bottles of cider...Lightweight ;)
  15. Looks like a hoot, hope y'all had fun, wish I could have been there but alas got lots to do before I leave tomorrow.... have fun campers
    (p.s if someone at DF reads this, I am after a westy awning still, if you see one for sale in good condition, please send me the sellers number if it's not too much bother) I have texted Rick but service might be crap in the area.
  16. MorkC68

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  17. dog

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    just got home, 4 hours. 360 mile round trip! feeling rough and tired ;)

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