Dubfreeze Feb 18/19th

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  1. My own fault - I had planned to pop over before the show started, but got distracted.
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    What is the reason or advantage of a narrowed beam ....to me they look like ...well you fit it , then stand back and look at it and say Christ i fitted the wrong one .
    Surely they can't be more stable ,or am i wrong .
    Each to there own i suppose and what a boring world it would be if we are all the same .:)
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  3. So that once lowered the wheels fit within the arches and so you can still turn lock to lock, so Im told:rolleyes:
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  4. Glad you all had a good time ,
    well done...on the big turnout.

    Anyone bump into Eddy ..?
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  5. Didnt spot him but tbh i didnt get round much of it.
  6. I called him ,I think he was serving on the ssvc stall..:thinking:
  7. Paul and I had a great time, lovely to catch up with you all.

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  8. Lovely to meet you all and thanks for the warm welcome, Sarah Jess and I loved it.
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    Yeah, Mel & I bumped into him literally. He was bombing (or not as the case maybe as in fact his battery was flat) around on an electric scooter thing. Proper mobility job in standard mobility red metal flake!
    Awaiting a knee operation!
    Looked well & was in good spirits:D
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  11. Yeah had a chat with him, he was sat down behind the split screen van club, was asking me about techenders and the forum split of which I knew pretty little, I apologised for driving off with his pillow and duvet as well to which he said he was not arsed in the slightest, top bloke :thumbsup:
  12. So glad I made the drive from Scarborough, great night, great company, looking forward to next meet :thumbsup:
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  13. I don't remember seeing you, was looking for who @CandyCamper was :(
  14. Sorry mate, am a bit shy in the real world I was sat round the fire with Sarah, Dazza my Sarah and my little girl turned Tom boy that spent the evening throwing a log at the floor and trying to cut her fingers off with Simon's very menacing looking saw. Next time!:thumbsup:
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  15. Yh that must of been us.

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  16. Was my first time attending but will definitely go next year never seen so much camper bug items in my life. Was going to come over to the late bay camping area and say hi I but lost my bottle.. I think I was the only one stupid enough to camp in a tent to be honest I didn't see any others just campers. Hopefully next year the camper will be finish or about finished
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    We don't bite you know! I met my first TLB folk at Dubfreeze some years back.
  18. Whaaaaaat, you should of come over :(
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    I was effectively in a tent
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  20. Decent bit of elbow room though!

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