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  1. :lol: it’s a matter of moving them hither to thither and vies versa...except I’ve lost Majors clutch pedal bolt :eek:
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  2. Dazza

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    The organisers have asked for numbers to be confirmed for club camping , am I right so far that these numbers are correct , if so I’ll say that we are 10 - I don’t think it’s set in stone , I think they’re just trying to ascertain that all clubs that have pre- booked a pitch are still attending

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  3. Yep, us too
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  4. bernjb56

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    I’m going
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  5. Still "winning" (sorry too many adverts) ...Still coming !
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  6. Im in, Majors missing bolt now sorted, I can shuftee around :D

    @Dazza Ill bring your music pod (and the event shelter)
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  7. Dazza

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    brilliant - thanks mark
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  8. Poptop2

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  9. I'd come along if they just let me camp overnight. Obviously I wouldn't need anything from the show so and I'm tight :oops: so wouldn't want for pay for entry to the show. Camping there used to be ace when club 80-90 had exclusive access to the field next to the showground.
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  10. Last year you paid for camping only and then the show as you went in on the sunday. This year you pay for both up front, as there were no doubt loads of tight gits that didn't pay to go in and just had a cheap night camping!!
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  11. It's about supporting the show I guess, with camping a secondary bonus.
    I can't stand the show tbh but we'll get the chance to catch up with some folk who don't regularly make TE, get a night away in the bus and feed the VW bug that knaws away over winter. Apathy is easy!
    Looking forward to getting the spanners out this weekend :)
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  12. I can understand that side of it.

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  13. Dazza

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    Not long now folks - got a real yearning for drinking round a fire and talking general cobblers :p
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  14. Any room for a soft Southerner? I just decided its cold enough to come up for camping and found out its full unless I am with a club and pay on the door.
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  15. Dazza

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    Yes there’s room Mike :thumbsup:
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  16. Hi ,
    Sorry can't make it on the Saturday , not sure about Sunday.
    Give my place on the club stand to someone else please
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  17. Took the Flagbus for an MOT yesterday, and it failed on an electrical issue with the lights , and as I have no spare time to rectify the problem at present i'll have to miss this event :( i've paid up for camping and the entry so can pass on to somebody if interested.
    I'm aware I am MOT exempt but safety first etc.
  18. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

  19. Great, it looks like they need the TLB attendee list and payment in advance.
    What do I need to do ?

    Ok I will see what I will need to do to use @GONA66 space .. I will PM, I think the organisers want the reg. Nos of booked vehicles.
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