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  1. Just curious but is anybody attending Dub Aid 4 this year?

    20/22 March, Towcester Race Course, Northampton.

    Don't know which day we'll be there - either Saturday or Sunday.
  2. We are here. Any 1 else?
  3. We'll be there tomorrow, you there for the weekend @Matchy ?
  4. We are probably going tomorrow, assuming the weathers ok:)
  5. Should be better than today - I hope!!
  6. Hopefully! I've been to Towcester Racecourse loads of times and it's always cold. It's on the side of an exposed hill so wrap up well!
  7. Got family in Towcester and been to Silverstone numerous times but never been to race course - cheers for the handy hint mate!! :D
  8. Yes were here all weekend
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