Dub Odyssey 27-29th July 2018. South Yorkshire

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  1. I'm helping to organise our local VW show this year, it would be good to see some TLBers there.

    Why should you come?
    It's a great VW show with entertainment, for less than a 'normal' weekends camping would cost you!

    It's great fun & loads of friendly people attend.

    Only £20 for advanced adult weekend camping tickets!

    Sell your old parts in our free 2 hour auto jumble swap shop*

    Where is it held?
    We are back at Hooton Lodge in Rotherham - It's a great venue.

    Easy to get to from the M1, M18 & A1.

    What can you expect ?
    Show & Shine

    Rat & Rust

    *Free 2 hour Auto Jumble Swap Shop - details below*

    Traders - including VW related ones!

    Food stalls & Bar

    Children's Entertainment

    Live Music - great local bands, playing great tunes that you know (No fake 'tribute' bands here)


    Fancy Dress Theme: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    A great atmosphere

    Plus loads more

    Dub Odyssey is run by members of Sheffield Volkswagen Owners Club.

    Please join us for a weekend of Camping, Dubs, Music & Entertainment.

    Hope to see you there.

    Tickets are now on sale at www.dubodyssey.com

    Dub Odyssey 27th-29th July 2018
    Hooton Lodge, Farm, Kilnhurst Rd, Thrybergh, Rotherham. S65 4TE

    *How our 2 hour Auto Jumble 'Swap Shop' will work*

    Got old parts that you want to sell?

    Don't want to give up your show weekend stood on a stall?

    Simply bring your parts to Dub Odyssey & join our Free 2 hour 'Swap Shop' on Saturday Morning.

    Bring a tarp or something to put your bits on.

    We will help you sell or swap your old bits!

    We've never attempted this before, it could go pear shaped, but it will be fun.

    You never know what rare old bits people will find in their sheds & garages.

    RIP Cheggers!
  2. Paul, will I be allowed to bring the Barnsley sun :)
    If so sounds good to me :thumbsup:
  3. Yeah bring the Barnsley Sun
    I'll bring the Sheffield sun and we will be sorted for the weekend!

    I was speaking to a guy from the Barnsley VW club the other day, he is coming with some of the Barnsley VW massive!
  4. :thumbsup:
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  5. I was looking at this as I'll be in Sheffield that weekend for the Pete McKee exhibition.

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  6. Come along
  7. Uncannily, so will I! :D

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  8. Wow! We'll have to meet up

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  9. I thought we were? I git the tickets and told you about the fabulous McKee

    I’m confused

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  10. Of course I'm going with you. :)

    no comment :p
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  11. sorry, tired confusion this morning. it's becoming a perpetual state :D
    roll on the weekend!
    anyway, did you give me the tickets at techenders and i have i lost them already :oops: and what day did i book? nurse!

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  12. Jeez you're getting worse than that cat of yours @Ermintrude ......
  13. the creeping sands of time.... or maybe still recovering from last weekend :D
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  14. for future reference..... JOKES ARE MEANT TO BE FUNNY! :D
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  15. Definitely recoving from last weekend, even if you did only have a half.
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  16. Pushing this up to the top as it is a couple of weeks away. Who else is going?
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  17. Usually go for a look .....just for a couple of hours as it's only up the road.
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  18. Why not make a weekend of it?

    Only £20 for an advanced weekend ticket.

    Free autojumble /swap shop for a couple of hours on Saturday

    I went to the site the other day and it's looking good.

    Although the grass is a bit dry because its been so hot hot hot
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  19. Are you coming to this then Louey? I know you are also heading to Pete McKee
  20. Yep, tickets have been booked - not sure how many vans yet. Might be both Lisa's and mine or just the one :thumbsup:

    Thinking of either cycling into Sheffield or getting the bus for the Peter McKee (Saturday afternoon/evening), unless we managed to cadge a lift ;)
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