WANTED Drop spindles

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  1. mint drop spindles wanted 2.5 inch
    Also interested in rear drop as well no silly prices please kind regards and thanks in advance
  2. My apologies for double post please help I’m thick just being honest

    Do I need drop spindles with this beam I bought tonight???

    Kind regards and thanks in advance

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  3. up to you really. if you're lowering your bus a bit then the adjusters in the beam will allow you to do that with stock spindles. if you want to go lower and retain ride comfort it's best to use a combination of dropped spindles and adjusters.
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    /\ this.

    Adjustable beams are good for a mild drop, but the lower you go, the harsher the ride. Fitting that beam and drop spindles would be the best option, smoother ride, and adjustable.

    Is it a narrowed beam? Drop spindles push the wheels out a bit, which can be a problem without a narrowed beam.
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  5. Sorry Sir 4” Narrowed mate many thanks
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    That would work with drop spindles then, and give you a bit of room for alloys if you are going down that route. :thumbsup:
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  7. I’m looking Fuchs 4.5 front 5.5 rears
    I’ve got BRMs on when I pick it up tomorrow but definitely going down the Fuch Root
  8. Not really well up on narrowed beams!! But just do a google search on slamwerks
  9. repro 15" fuch in 5x112 are only available 5.5 width.

    yes they do narrow 4.5 versions but only in 5x130 pcd.
  10. I ran late bay on my split got 4.5 front think they was JBW & 5.5 rears might have to buy Porsche’ fitting if the others are unavailable
  11. Boom

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  13. I’ll have some dropped spindles for sale in about 10 weeks.
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  14. Inbox a price please mate interested kind regards
  15. I have some for sale with an air assist set up as a complete kit

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  16. How much you looking Sir??
    I’ve got s prototype running late bay running gear I’ve bought loads of stuff but bought the wrong stuff. Im absolutely useless I’d have to pay to get it installed as I’m a waste of space lol literally unfortunately kind regards and many thanks nick

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