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  1. afternoon all, This may have been covered in another thread but I was wondering if anybody here has ever drove their camper to Spain??
    If so, any problems along the way or advice etc??!!
  2. I'd doing this in three weeks @Sick Boy has a good thread and a really good blog, let me try and find it :thumbsup:
  3. I'm getting the Ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbao then driving through to Portugal then a wedding in Spain in Mercia :thumbsup:
  4. PIE


    I have been to Spain and driven down and taken the @Lord Congi route, I would definatly take the later if I were to do it again.
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  5. Thank you @Lord Congi
    We're going camping this year, in a Picasso, tenting it but really hoping next year I'll have my camper and I'll be going to Spain in that :chewie:
  6. Thanks a lot for mentioning my blog. I really enjoyed this trip and thought the roads, scenery, food and petrol prices in Spain were fantastic. Have a great trip and I look forward to hearing about it
  7. I went with a friend in a 1960 MGA last month - did Portsmouth - Santander , then Gijon, Salamanca, Seville and Malaga. Stayed at hotels though. Quiet motorways but busy around the cities .

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