Drive Away Awnings - how do they attach??!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by yorkshirecampers, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. For the love of god or whoever else cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PLEASE can someone tell me how the heck you attach an awning to your bus??? Have tried 5 times now and nowt doing unless I get some sod-off big metal clamps, which is ruining my paintwork :mad:

    Have threaded the pole through the end, but it is too heavy to just sit in the guttering thing above the sliding door. Keeps falling off and whacking me on t'head. This does not a happy Yorkshire camper make!
  2. Magnets
  3. I thought you use the plastic figure of 8 style Thingy
  5. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    The figure of 8 is good unless there is a strong wind. I'm looking to also add the metal clamps lined with rubber.
  6. Lord Charles

    Lord Charles Day's Away Mod

    The pole in mine is small enough to fit in the gutter, sounds like you have the wrong pole?

    Mine is a snug enough fit but came with clamps with rubber covers like these:

  7. Don't forget to disconnect before driving away !
  8. We've used the figure of 8 channel for the last year and found that when it rained there was a slight water leak where the sections meet, and as Birdy said it's useless in strong wind - so after a very windy weekend on the Isle of Wight last month we got the pole and clamps. Used these last week for the first time and they were pretty good - would recommend them.
  10. I have used both, clamps first then the fig 8 , you have to watch the clamps don't rub on the top of the sliding door.
    The fig 8 is good when you first pitch connect then move the awning away from the van and tighten it up,
    Put two pegs at the centre point of your tyres on the drivers side so you can line it up when you move your van and keep it tight
    Tap the fig of 8 on the end to get them to but up to each other
  11. figure of 8 with our Khyham has been great. It has stayed on in all weathers, just need the roof taught.
    be careful to leave enough room for the sliding door to go right back, I didnt and the top corner ripped the awning :(
  12. There is a guy (can't remember his name) he'll be at Vanfest this year he sells the genuine Westfalia white plastic strip by the meter.
    It fits the Bay & a split perfect. It is easy to fit & remove but when pulled it tightens up on the van so that wind won't dislodge it, it won't mark the paint either, you can't get anything better. 8)
  13. OMG i got a drive away awning last year, thinking Jack be ready, star buy £80 they payed £399, used it 2 times, but the think is, i didnt get the Instructions to put it up and it was my Ex that picked it up and saw it put down hahaha, think that mybe when jacks done i need a trip to Clumber park and a trial effort loooool ;)
  14. 72wilma

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    we've used both clamps and figure of 8 strips and they've both been great even in the carpiest of weather (as I type it's a glorious Cornish morning with lots of rain!) the trick is to get the gutter section really tight so the rain can channel away from the van - simples!
  15. dean_butler

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    We have a drive away tent that came with the van. We have usd it once and its such a hassle to put up and also I worry about the paintwork with the poles you have to thread under the popup.

    I prefer those cartridge style ones with fabric or a gazebo.
  16. i have never had any issue with 8 strips ... katie and i have got the putting up of the awning down to a fine art and can do it in less than 5 mins!
  17. I'm interested in this we've just got an awning but nothing to attach it to the van yet, this thread needs a poll (pardon the pun) Figure of 8 or poll with clamps!
  18. Our awning attaches with the pole and clamp, never been a prob but then we do have a bus in need of a paintjob lol !! Maybe when she's been done upa bit we'll be more worried about it !

    That hasn't been a problem so far - but I did forget to put the roof down t'other day :eek:

    Mine popped open along the a38 the other day !!! :eek:
  19. Rustypearl has a pole with clamps and rubber.. they were fab.. held in place and didnt touch her paintjob AT ALL and seeing as we just had her done we were slightly concerned..

    go for pole and rubber with the clamps ;D

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