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  1. Not that we have actually used the water for drinking but after fitting a tank and tap last year i was wondering what the recommendations were for cleaning the system and keeping it healthy? we only have a small tank which is easily removed and emptied / filled etc but are there additives or cleaning solutions that should be used so that pipes and pumps are maintained and clean?
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    Milton sterilising tablets as sold in the baby department of supermarkets and Boots.
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  3. Chrisd

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    As /\ says, we do our big original one each year and so far it has not poisoned us :thumbsup:

    As for microplastics after 40 years ..please don't ask :eek:
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    Apologies to the Westfalia purists but I took mine out and sold it. Not worth the hassle imho, kids all have refillable water bottles and I have a collapsible camping water carrier that lives under the bed. I get that if you were going off-grid though your requirements may be different but for the sort of use we make of our bus it just isn’t worth the hassle of maintaining/ sterilising an on-board water system
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  5. Chrisd

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    Some good points there Rob, but as it just there, I use it. Perfectionist I'm not, but if it ain't broke!;)
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    I replaced my westy tank with a mini bar :beer:
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  7. Zed

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    People are funny about water. :)
    I fill the tank on the boat every few weeks, drink it cold from the tap for that time, no worries. Just opposite is a bloke so skint his mate feeds him quite often but... you see him with wheelbarrow loads of bottled water.
    Trouble with the bus is laying it up or lack of. My water container is green... and the pipes. Lucky the container is loose in a cupboard, I'll just get another one and some new pipe. Or just use a container, I'm not convinced water supply plumbing is essential in a bus, more of a selling point that never really worked usefully.
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    I too would go with the Milton steriliser - but being a bit tight I just flush some cheap bleach through a couple of times followed by a lot of water - bleach smell soon goes. We don't drink the water from the tap anyway - just used for washing up etc.
  9. cheers for the replies - I will just folloe the Milton / bleach route then. As i said tank is only small and sits behind driver seat so easy to remove and clean but pipes are different.
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    I clean mine every year , fill the tank run the the tap to empty the tank and this cleans the pipes, if it’s been owned by someone else and this is the first time you know of it being cleaned pull the pipes off an clean inside the, I use a rag with coat hanger tied to it to pull
    It through,or replace as they are pretty cheap ? I use my drinking water to cook clean etc and I find it very convenient
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    My 50l underslung tank I use Milton once a year and I have an inline filter like one of these that I change every couple of years.

    Whale Aqua Source Carbon Water Filter - White, 15 mm https://amzn.eu/d/dC0hGn3
  12. Purple

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    Yep, a container with a tap is the future.....
  13. Louey

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