Driftwood VW Club

Discussion in 'V Dub Clubs' started by Tezzah, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. lots of coming soons - look forward to seeing them down this way ?
  2. We have our calendar up and running, forum, face ache page etc.... stickers, hoodies, t's etc, it's all coming soon lol
  3. And now we have cool car stickers!!! O0

  4. bring some stickers to winter camp mate.

    and mulled wine. . . :D
  5. Honky

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  7. This reminds me of that awful Travis song
  8. Just a quick update. We often have between 15-30 people each week now at our meets, everyone welcome regardless of the vdub you drive. We have nearly 100 members on our very very active Facebook page. We have pitches booked and confirmed at Big Bang and Dubbin in Dorset (we have the biggest club pitch there too).

    Come join the fun people!!!

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