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Discussion in 'How To' started by zoso, Jun 28, 2022.

  1. Good morning everyone,

    has anyone put a double din stereo in the dash of their late bay ? Obviously I’d have to widen the aperture and the space behind looks ok. I’m looking at buying an Apple play stereo, anyone any recommendations?


  2. CollyP

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    Can you not use a folding screen single din?
    Loads of those available these days.
  3. CollyP

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  4. If you do do it, make sure you use a blunt pair of tin snips or a blunt chisel like most previous owners. :D
  5. @1973daisey had a double din in his dash, I think it's the one and only mod hes done to his whole bay

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  6. I am sure he did something else !!
  7. Yes, we have an Alpine iLX-702D head unit installed - it has a 7" screen with Apple CarPlay :thumbsup:. The latest version of this is the iLX-705D which is the same size and now offers wireless CarPlay amongst other refinements :D.

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  8. Just to offer advice - and to make life a bit easier - be aware that the double DIN size can interfere with the ashtray, so if you are looking, go for a unit which offers the option of top or bottom footprint :thumbsup:

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    Haha yes, I’ve got a double din sized hole in my dashboard, which was obviously made by the same person who cuts the holes in Devon roofs… or who at the very least borrowed their tin opener. I think the PO had a CB radio in there along with the stereo.
    It’s now covered by a natty little black ‘pebble dash’ effect metal plate.
    (Note to self: one day down the line, source a better dashboard.)
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  10. I might have half decent one buried in the garage you could have. Has yours got the cut out for the steering column shroud ?
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  11. Out of interest, if the display goes up does it not hit the padded part of the dash ? The cut out for the stereo if in the middle isn't it ?
  12. scrooge95

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    Ooh thank you. Not sure about any cut outs, I’ll look. It’s a 73/74 if that makes any difference?
  13. Think mine is like this

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  14. Thanks everyone great replies as usual
  15. scrooge95

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    Sorry Mick, completely forgot to look, and then couldn't remember where we'd talked about dashboards anyway. Forgive me, I'm an old lady :D
    Yes, I have the cut out, in my pebble dash / wood chip wall paper effect dash.

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