Does anyone want to take my booking for Eskdale ** taken by davek **

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  1. Flakey

    Flakey Sponsor

    I've admitted defeat and decided there's no way I'm gonna make it to Eskdale dubfest on the 17,18,19th April.
    It's fully booked so if anyone wants to go you can take my slot,if no takers I'll try to cancellation see if I can get my deposit back!!
  2. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

  3. jivedubbin

    jivedubbin Moderator

    no can do ,already had a chat with Duncan,as we couldn't get booked I made arrangements to have the family descend on us ,as its as to my birthday as they could manage
  4. PM'd you ;-)
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  5. I'll take it if davek doesn't,
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  6. Flakey

    Flakey Sponsor

    Just checking with the site, they can be fussy these caravan club lot!
  7. Flakey

    Flakey Sponsor

    All sorted with davek now cheers
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  8. Jeez flakey :(
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  9. Shut up you big girl, you got me instead :p

    What more could you ask for :D
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  10. Plenty :thumbsup:
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  11. :eek:
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