does anyone on here go wild camping?

Discussion in 'Wild Camping' started by olive-bay, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. I've done it for years but never realised it had a name! it's were you park up and camp for free or as cheap as possible, We dont really like being restricted to camp-sites so t suits us a lot of the time...we just go where the road takes us 8)

    there is a site all about it

    if so where are you known/favourite places?

    around my way there is Marazion loads a free parking along the wall just a few hundred feet from the village centre and stunning view of the mount and parked on a really clean child friendly beach, I often wish I lived further away so I could stay there but its just down the i make do with parking up and having a cuppa there O0

    I love using google maps on street view to find possible places in advance 8)
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    i went wild camping once -- £35 a night and no hook up , wild i was bluddy furious ! :)
  3. Only in tent in the highlands of Scotland. Have to walk to the remote places, but that's where wild camping is at its best. Sorry not done it in the van though.
  5. We have wild camped on the west coast of scotland(ardnamurchan) and through the outer hebrides in our old t25 daisy.Great time would recomend it to anyone can't wait to repeat the trip in late bay elvis. ;D
  6. I thought wild camping was all that back to nature stuff, including living in the noddy nude and all of that. My wife took me on one of those about 5 years ago. It was in Ukraine, on the Black Sea coast. Thousands upon thousands of folk everywhere in the noddy. And there was me, the only foreigner amongst the lot of them, in my boxers. 'Don't worry, I'm English' I would say in my best Russian. Really, I didn't know where to look! Bits hanging out everywhere. Folk shagging on the hill slopes, not giving a damn who was looking, the lot. Really, it's true! To get there, everyone had to walk 20km from the nearest small town. Nice beach though. And stunning views. But no bogs, no showers, nothing like that. So, all the thousands upon thousands of folk just took a dump in the bushes or wherever they fancied really, in the noddy of course, as others casually walked by. Tell a lie, there was a tiny cafe there which had a make-shift bog. It even had a door on it. What a luxury. The folk running the cafe got to know me quite well. They even found a nice Union Jack foot mat for me.

    Wild enough for you? ;)
  7. All forms of camping seem wild to me 8) (leccy hook up, hard standing, with a nice shower block and toilets, that's still wild compared to all inclusive)
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    there's a section on the front at aberystwyth that is free to park, it was "given" to the town years ago and the council/police can't move you on, when i went there last year i found this out and there were a few camping there, i thought it would be ok for a day or so and i may try it later this year.
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    errrrrrmmmmm lol i dunno how you do that but literally on the sea front there is a statue on some rocks above the area, there is only one road along the front you can't miss it. i'll put a picture up hang on
    this bay was parked there camping, as you look the road is one side with that statue above, then on the other side the path then the sea, about 2 mins walk up the road are the public toilets open all day so you can get a wash or have a dump :lol:
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  15. this is just around the corner from the Marazion free parking. (missus following my bus after engine rebuild) O0

    randoms 014 by tiredtracey2011, on Flickr
  16. I do alot of wild camping :)
  17. mm so do I ... ;D

    I can`t remember last time I was on a site... ;D

    olive-bay i remember in days of olde you ould camp on any bit of coastline from St Ives to Bude ,there are still a few gems but few a far between...
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    I don't know about wild i slept in braken shelter once .as part of a find your own way back to site camp out
  20. sounds lovely... ;D

    Is that swimming pool at the front still open in Penzance?

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