Does anyone know about T25s!

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  1. it certainly is

    5 years I have had mine has been pretty boring with no things breaking on it ..

    I did have a stuck caliper once...:thumbsup:

    I changed the water pipes and the petrol tank out of boredom ...:gnome:
  2. Well I would say stick with air cooled and go for an early 2 litre. Those water cooled petrol engines are bad for head seal leaks and the head studs can snap due to wrong anti freeze, then you are into an new engine. You need one with real good history or you could go down an expensive road:thumbsup:
    Here is mine...2 litre air cooled Devon on LPG
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  3. Yeah that's hawt :) did you build or buy? I'm a bit scared of air-cooled. My engine and body and cooling system are solid, I just gotta fit out the body and do some suspension and exhaust repair for rego. It's my first vw, couldn't go past the sub-$1000 price tag ;)
  4. I'm Back! Now after thinking, soul searching and banging my head against a brick wall it definitely looks like it's going to be a T25/T3.

    T3 = water cooled right?!

    Anyway, there's a Holdsworth Villa conversion near me that's interesting but it's down as a 2 berth model, would it be easy to put bed boards up top or is that a no go? I'll post up on Club 80-90 as well but I thought I'd ask as you guys haven't let me down yet!

    Here's a pic
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  5. there is only one picture?

    on that one picture ,buy it....(if you like bunting)
  6. T25 and T3 is the same thing.

    I'd agree wholeheartedly with this, T25s have already begun to command a "classic" premium, whereas older T4s are beginning to bottom out in price. You'll find it harder to find a good T25 than a T4 - I was looking for one when I bought my bay, and was surprised at how many expensive rusty examples I saw. My bay looked like good value by comparison. T25s are good busses though.

    Personally I'd look for a 2 litre water cooled or 1.6 TD. Both are quick enough, and they're more commonly available than the larger engines so likely to be better value, plus parts are probably easier and cheaper. But at the end of the day, go on condition and what will work for you. The only ones to avoid are the 1.7 non turbo diesel or the 1.6 aircooled.

    Good luck!
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  7. Ah but sir this isn't the slaughtering thread ;)

    I was wondering more about the ability to add bed boards as it looks like there is a decent ledge to sit them on.
  8. Don't forget they will need securing whilst you are driving ... the bed boards not the bunting
  9. dam...:D

    My ledges are the same, but mine finish before the front seats ,my boards are trays ,but my hightop is not as high ,the trays stack into each other...

    I can take pictures to give you the idea...:cool:
  10. Yeh that'd be great thanks, I was thinking if it's wide enough for the kids of putting some camping style beds up there cross ways which I could take down and store when not in use - if not then standard bed boards it would be. All on the assumption I actually go and buy the blimmin' thing :)
  11. Built:thumbsup:
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  12. The 2 litre petrol is air cooled not water cooled, if you want water in it then you need a 1.9 or 2.1 litre petrol:thumbsup:
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  13. I beg your pardon. When I said "2 litre water cooled" I was referring to the more common 1.9
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  14. PSG


    If you want a bus to convert, i have one, bodywork is 100% and painted earlier this year. Needs a carb rebuild i think. But its not a high top its a tintop. Just in case you get stuck. And i have pictures of its underside which i am not shy of.

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  15. You've still not sold that?:eek:
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  16. here are my trays


  17. Thanks, I see, quite a good idea. I've been contemplating some kind of Devon bunk arrangement using left over camping beds we have but otherwise I'll return to plan A! I see it's beans again for tea :)

    Also you've a crack in your fibreglass :p

    Cheers @Lofty a big help, we figured out where the camper was housed and spun past tonight on a reccy, sadly it was under cover but the blokes got two on his drive! Talk about greedy!
  18. Plastic...;)

    two or more screams dealer ...:D
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    Moons Moderator

    I always wondered why the called it Club 80 sounded like they arrange the worst holiday packages for pulling you could ever imagine.
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  20. PSG


    dont rub it in mate. need it sold more than ever its driving me nuts.

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