dodgy meeting places

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Woodylubber, Oct 20, 2013.

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    No comment ;)
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    Are you two an item Now?
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    No comment ;)
  4. Hahaha :lol:
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    No it was near Clumber Park and iv'e googled the place and found this post on a wild camping site lol,

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    will check it out
    we are staying at the clumber park lay-by next week,for a couple of nites.we used to live 5 mins away,so when we read this post we emailed some friends in edwinstowe/ollerton.they sed the lay-by on the a614(just before clumber park) & ollerton roundabout was used at nite by gays.a couple of lorry drivers sed if u put a notice in ur van window saying "i am straight",u wont get any late nite knocks!!!.billi
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  6. ffs.
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    Ha ha and this one, yeah next time mate we'll choose somewhere else :thumbsup:

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    upload_2013-10-20_20-22-55.png Originally Posted by channa upload_2013-10-20_20-22-55.png
    It seems deffo a cruising, dogging what ever else spot the stretch of road from Clumber to ollerton roundabout ....shame ...because the laybye near Ollerton roundabout is a particularly spacious spot for those with larger Motorhomes.

    Trucks do stop there, so perhaps a safe but unsavoury location

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    There will be a new post on wild camping now:

    Leave a note in the windscreen saying - 'I am Dicky' if you aren't straight.
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  9. I love you Bern!
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    Steady on - I've just put an 'I am straight' note in my windscreen :eek:
  11. This has loads of missuse left in this thread
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  12. Oops - sorry mate my glasses were steamed up!
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    [​IMG]CUT this out and stick it in your windscreen
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    & all for the love that dare not speak its name
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    you've met on the Ollerton to Clumber road :eek:

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  17. Was this wrong. Have I been a bad boy.......
  18. Apparently what goes around comes around
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    Its renown for being a bit iffy after dark up there, as is Thieves Wood down near Papplewick Pumping Station :lol:
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    Speaking from personal experience Mark? o_O:eek:
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