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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Woodylubber, Oct 20, 2013.

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    I met up with @Dicky on my way back up norff today to drop something off for him to pass onto another tlb member, Great work and thanks dicky :thumbsup: Problem was that I pulled into this carpark on the edge of a national trust park and instantly thought summats not right here, one bloke was parked in the corner on his own then another bloke in a car pulled next to him soon after, I was out of my car waiting for Dicky when the second bloke gets out of his car and starts walking towards me, I think it's Dicky so ask him if he's come for the stuff :eek: Erm no mate he says and goes back to his car, I feel a bit stupid so get back in my car :rolleyes: the two blokes in the other cars then start talking when Dicky turns up, now to them it now looks like a drugs deal i'm thinking and they keep staring at us as we speak and chat for five minutes, then another bloke pulls in and just sits there staring, we then are thinking whats the crack here and say our goodbyes, Is it a Dogging spot or were they all doing dodgy deals
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  3. Your dogging app has added the best dogging spots into the points of interest on your sat nav
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  4. Woodylubber

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    No pictures i'm afraid :( I rekon if i'd have got a camera out we'd have been lynched
  5. Late bay dogging weekend?
    Were you both in your buses?
    If VW did dogging, it'd be the most comfortable dogging ever! :)
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  6. You wrote that. What everybody has now actually read is: "Woody and Dicky seen at well known local dogging site!"

    the user names alone should give em something to work on!

    Good to see you anyway (trying to keep a straight face here)!
  7. They might have been early bayers swapping parts for members up north. Pleased you didn't say " i'm waiting for dicky" ;)
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  8. kenregency

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    ask dicky thats more likely where he does his dodgy deals :thinking:
  9. Here we go!
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    Were you doing your Avatar face - because that could have looked a bit worrying ......
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  11. Woodylubber

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    ha ha I did say are you Dicky
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    Are you Dicky?

    Yes mate. Are you Woody?

  13. I suppose the question is - whose choice of meeting place was it?
  14. Im Dicky and sos my wife......?
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  15. rickyrooo1

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    woody and dicky in killagram shocker!
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  16. This has got some mileage Im afraid!
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    Please say you did it at dusk and had to flash your headlights at him!!
  18. Woodylubber

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    Summat like that :eek:
  19. I was actually quite desperate for a yellow snow but getting my wotsit out behind a tree was not an option!

    Oh cock that missing word was another word for pee. Im gonna stop digging this hole!
  20. I read this and instantly thought of a notorious local spot blighted for dogging, then realised @Dicky is from notts.....

    You didn't arrange to meet at blidworth bottoms did you :lol:
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