Do you fish rivers? where abouts?

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  1. Just started fishing, bit shocked that most places you have to buy a permit to fish the river.

    Just wondering if anyone on here fishes for FREE, if not how much does it cost you per day.

    Not that im a tight arse i just wanna get used to what im doing first before i pay to fish.


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    I'm pretty sure that you have to pay for all fresh water fishing - rivers and lakes etc

    .......unless your a poacher ;D
  3. Yep you need a rod licence even if you fish in you own pond and I think freshwater dishing somebody owns the right dor fishing so you need to pay, be it a club or individual.
    Join the local club by buying a licence and fish their waters, it's not usually expensive.
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  5. Didn't think anyone would notice.

    It's the bloomin iPad it can't spell. not me honest Gov.
    And I can't go back to recorect it, the forum set up don't likeie iPads on some bits so can't do quotes or go back into a post after I posted.
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  6. In my experience most of the decent fishing stretches of water are run by an angling club, but there are some places where you can fish for free.
    Do a search on Google, I just did a quick search and this website popped up

    Alternatively, you could speak to your local tackle shop.

    Like mention previously you need a rod license from the environment agency to fish.
  7. I am with you, i like river fishing. I just took it up again after a 30 year gap and we went to a managed lake. Cost me 18 quid for the lad and I and I can't deny the fish were plentiful but it kind of took away some of the excitement knowing that fish were queuing up to take the bait. The two guys either side of me must have pulled out 100 llbs of carp between them while we were there (we were after Roach) using 'the method'. Where is the art in that? It is a bit like playing pool on an american table rather than snooker. Why bother playing if you are going to make the pockets THAT big.

    The rod license is 27 quid and mandatory for over 16's. We have a local lake that is public but you are still supposed to by a 4 quid day ticket, just no one ever checks. I have found no sign of a free stretch of river yet. Sigh!

  9. I have been told that the local public lake you can either go to a shop and buy a day permit, or pay when asked on the bank. However no on knows anyone who was ever asked on the bank. I would probably still pay if it is cheap mind. I like to be proper.

    This is all out in deepest Berkshire by the way.
  11. The river avon for me but at the mo ive been fishing lakes because im pickin campsites with them :)
  15. The lake I am talking about is up Cricket Hill Lane on the way out of Yateley. It begins with a W but I have forgotten its name. There is a turning on the right into Yateley Common. Follow the road for maybe 100 m and there she blows. You can even take the camper up there.

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