Do vw seals exist?

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  1. Does anyone know if you can purchase vw door seals, or is it after market only?
  2. No idea, you could ask VW - as for aftermarket ones, get the more expensive grey ones
  3. Cheers Razzyh, I guess there the ones at £40 rather than £20? Is it OE? Seen them at vw heritage.
  4. go with the dearer ones, my first lot come as cab door set and they cracked and split, not as soft either as the grey ones, my grey ones came from VWH and they been fine, ......if you do come across any genuine Vw rubber buy it all. you will have no problem shifting it on.:thumbsup:
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    Vw brazil did still make seals, I had some door seals a year or 2 ago and they were nice and soft etc, though I just try to get really nice used ones now.
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  6. Cheers guys as always an education, so I'm paying for softness.
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    Its a bit of a weird one this but when I worked at a previous company we supplied the grey and black door seals and the inferior black seals actually come from VW (off the Brazilian vans) where as the grey ones are actually the reproduction items! It is a sad sign of how things are built to a price rather than to a set quality on some things these days. We at NLA don't do them so I'm not biased on that basis
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  8. I would always buy a german quality seal of a genuine VW seal for eaxcatly that reason, German quality products are far superior to anything made in Brazil which is where all genuine products come from!
  9. I bought a German quality van once.
    Bloody thing went all rusty.
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  10. Disappointed in this response. When you see "Do VW seals exist", and the last respone was from Oscar - I thought a little "visualisation" is the least I could expect!
  11. VW seals really do exist!
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  12. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's what I'm talking about :)
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  13. Beat me to it! :lol:
  14. It took over a year to see this and it was worth the wait PML.

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