Disappointing tomatoes

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  1. I take it Derelict Minge are a morose blues band .
  2. Good job the dere is at the start of that name!
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  3. Had to think about that...
  4. Worth it though ;)
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  5. Yuck, I hate tomatoes.
    But I grow them anyway :rolleyes:
    Mine are self seeders on the compost heap, transfered to the greenhouse, small but gradually turning red.
    If I can foist them on any of my friends, I'll get a verdict if they're any good :D
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  6. Grapes growing inside the conservatory of the mother-in-laws house.

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  7. Pick me, pick me! Can I be one of your foisted friends, pretty please? I love Toms :D ;) ;)
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  8. Variety is the spice of life ,I had 17 varieties and 200 plants ,can I say I’m sick of tomatoes :p
  9. Put some salt around the roots and they grow already salted! Recommended by Percy Throwup's latest book 'Growing for Dummies'!
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  10. If they've ripened by techenders..... :D
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  11. It's actually a sister website for non-committal film reviews
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  12. Good god! Don’t be alone in the greenhouse with that thing...
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  13. What if they learn how to use guns :eek:?
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  14. That's what Triffids looked like when they first landed here from space.
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  15. Actually I did think at first it might be an Audrey II.
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  16. PIE


    Ours are disapointing this year, even the outside normally sweet ones are bland
  17. 6F188EF2-B9CE-46EF-97AD-3DB058A82560.jpeg
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  18. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    I've been disappointing tomatoes and other vegetables and fruit for years.
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  19. What you do in your “private time” is no concern of ours.
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