Dimensions for Westy Continental interior

Discussion in 'Camper Conversions' started by Andrea Purdy, May 10, 2019.

  1. Hi

    Not going for the already done van , with many hidden secrets ! Bought a solid van with no interior , which in a way is good as can put appliances where I want them
    Want to keep to the original layout like this but with a door over the fridge Need to build it and wanted to check dimensions of the cupboards Has anyone got these?!
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  2. My ‘73 Continental interior doesn’t look quite like that.
    I have a sink where your hob
    Is and a hob that folds down from the wardrobe over the walk-through without the sticking out cupboard under it that you have.

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  3. Yes, most westys have the sink and the flip down hob out of the wardrobe bit But this style would suit us better This isnt mine Just found a picture of what style I want What dimension is your wardrobe unit ? Just trying to work out what will fit and what won't beforehand!
  4. It’s a Westfalia Malaga/oxford interior @Andrea Purdy I’ve got one, let me know what measurements you need!
  5. @Cockers Fabulous! Always thought it was a continental. I wanted the measurement above the sink to the back of the unit ! I am presuming that the hob unit is a standard 400cm? Do you have a fridge under the hob- if so what model?
  6. @Andrea Purdy From the back edge of the sink to the back on the wardrobe is 28.5cm. The plinth with the sink on is 26cm. The hob is 46cm wide by 42cm deep. Think the original fridges were Electrolux, probably rm123, I’d go for a compressor fridge like waeco though if you’re starting from scratch.
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  8. Don’t forget the back of the unit follows the curvature of the van
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