Digital Speedo and tripmeter available

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  1. I ordered (now arrived) one of these the other day and quite pleased with it.
    or on eBay search for " speedometer c90 universal GPS"

    About £18

    So whats so great about this? Well I've been looking for something for quite a while to record total trip (tripometer) and the speedo in my bus is roughly in the right ball park at best.

    The trouble with most aftermarket speedometer/trip meter units on the market up until now is they are either expensive or need to be fed another input (OBDII) which I don't have. Google maps navigation can tell me the speed I am doing (sat nav via GPS) but there haven't been any GPS speedos at a sensible price.

    The beauty is this ones plug and play, buy a USB accessory/cigarette socket adapter for £2, plug this in and your good to go and tested it, it works. Accurate speed, overall trip, each trip, MPH and KMH, I can't knock it really. Maybe nicer if it was round and fitted in my pod but then I'm looking at >£250.

    Charger Dual USB Ports Cigarette Socket Lighter Adapter
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  2. Just ordered one, on ebay £11.99 pp £1.99 from China. hope to use in my old mg. Thank you.
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  3. Absolutely beggars belief that it can do all that for less than £15! Good find.
  4. Might have to buy one of these nice find.

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