WANTED Devon Sundowner with Doubletop roof

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Nice-but-Tim, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Hi. I am helping a friend to find his perfect camper. The specification is very specific so if anyone out there knows of such a thing available for sale, please let me know. What he's after is a late bay Devon Sundowner (that's the one with the swing-out cooker) and with the "doubletop" roof. The roof is the side-hinged full-length one that allows a full double-bed up-top rather than hammocks. I think this particular specification was only in production during 1979 (possible late 1978 as well?) so there's not so many around!
  2. Good luck really rare conversion , seen a few pop top versions but never a double top.
  3. A few double top moonrakers about mind.
  4. Yeah. I may try to convince my mate to compromise slightly on specification. The double top roof OR the swing-out cooker but not both!
  5. I always cook inside ,if I'm cooking outside its a BBQ ,plus sundowners were on panel vans not kombi's :)
  6. I have a moonraker with swing out cooker?
  7. Surely that makes it a Sundowner? Am I wrong in thinking that the Moonraker layout has the cooker, sink and fridge opposite the sliding door?
    Are you saying that yours is for sale? If so, please let me have some details.
  8. the sink and swing out cooker is on the sliding door side it's a Devon moonraker double top it isn't for sale but you never know what is your mates price range I've got a good one
  9. Thanks hibiscrub. That clears it up.
  10. I have PMd you (I think. I'm new to this Forum malarkey so may not have done it right!). If you think that a sale may be a possibility, please let me know your approximate whereabouts, some details, and post some pics. Even if no sale is on the cards, I'd love to see some pics. My '78 has the Sundowner layout (more or less) but largely recreated rather than original. Planning to mildly improve the interior (whilst keeping the layout) so I am always looking for ideas!
  11. No problem mate I did get the message I'm new to this two I'll get some pics and someone might tell me exactly what I've got
  12. ave you seen the link from hibiscrub above? Original Devon brochure, so should 100% confirm what you've got (unless yours has been refitted at some stage).

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