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  1. I'm going to be asking about the c clips I need to fit my new canvas but just wondered if anybody had fitted a Devon canvas? I'm looking at the bottom part, how does it for to the roof? I figured it was just by using the c clips again but remember when I took off the old bellows 3 yrs ago that it was screwed to the lower roof section. Looking at it nor with a flat sided canvas I don't know how to secure it other than the clips and seal, any ideas? Thanks.
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    From memory, clips hold the top of the bellows which is then hidden by some trim

    Lower bellows are held to the bottom sections with flat aluminium bars which are screwed down, so the bottom of the bellows is trapped between the base of the top and the metal strips
  3. Thanks, I've got abit of a strange roof, it's a Devon but it's almost like its a cap but not. Anyway, the top section has aluminium plates that the canvas attaches to and the lower section is original. I didn't have any aluminium bars on it. The original bellows was screwed down onto the base section.
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    :thinking: Sounds like its been messed with

    The bottom has the metal strips to stop the screws ripping out of the canvas or bellows

    The early type have a flimsy metal frame in the top part ....which the bellows attach to

    Got any pics of yours ?
  5. Not at the moment. The pics I've got look like a normal Devon so will get pics of the parts tomorrow morning.
  6. This is what I remember of the roof on my old van which was the early Devon style.
  7. Where can I get the bars from? Any ideas?
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    They are just fault strips of aluminium, doubt the usual suppliers would sell it, and if they did there would be a big scene tax no doubt

    Your probably best making your own

    From memory they are 2mm thick 15mm wide, cut to length to suit your van
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  9. WHS >>>>>

    I don't think there was anything special about them. I guess a hardware suppliers may well be the place to start? :) Sorry can't be much more help on that one.
  10. Even B and Q will have as many as three of the six or so strips you need in stock .
    And some screws designed to go rusty if they actually all had threads.
    .....back on topic ...

    My 1974 Devon poptop has narrower strips more like 10mm and the original PVC is screwed down with screws through the strips but is then also held down over a 10mm high lip on the bottom moulding inside the metal strip with a springy U channel over the top.
    This ensures that a lot of water has collected by the time it decides to leak on a windy rainy day while parked facing nose down.
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