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Discussion in 'Camper Conversions' started by lovedubs, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. I seem to spend most of my time sniffing round the rear of the bed for petrol fumes. Not sure what’s going on but they’re there!

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  2. Breather tubes ?
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  4. Get the boys at te to check um for you
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  5. i didn't have THAT much to drink... i could still breathe on my own (just) :D

    Without a working fuel gauge i do keep him topped up and wonder if it may be that...? Dunno but smoking in bed is becoming a dicey business :D :D
  6. :eek::eek: i've met those boys and there's no way they're going near my tubes! :D
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  7. Yus I wouldn’t either :eek:
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  8. Errrm well you know what I mean :oops:
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  9. :lol:
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  11. Hi Ermintrude, we do all ready have a set of the bunk bars, so not to worry, although we don't have the actual bunk material, not sure that we will be using them anyway :)
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  12. When we have the chance I will get a few more pictures with the top pushed up to share with you, thanks for all your help so far :)
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  13. The original fabric is usually too degraded to use anyway. I think mice had eaten mine when I first got the bus. Chicken poo and mice had destroyed most things :(

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  14. Hey @lovedubs , did you get your poptop sorted in the end??..

    Ive just started a refurb on mine and wondered if you found out why yours had been bolted down??
  15. We undid the bolts and then realised that without the canvas attached the pop top is very unstable, so we bolted it back down again, until we are able to take the roof off completely and put the canvas back on.
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  16. Yeah, that's what I found out. You absolutely need the canvas in place so when the roof goes up on the spring loaded struts, it's only goes up as far as the straps on the inside of the bellows allow it to. And where the bellows connect to the roof plinth and the poptop, this centralises it all and the springs hold it in place.
    I've just riveted my bellows back on to my poptop today. It's a bit of a passion but so satisfying once it's done..

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  17. Here's my thread, it might be of some help. There's a load of other links to other Devon roof threads too.. '73 Devon Pop Top refurb

    "Sitting on the dock of my Bay...."

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