**devon moonraker appretiation thread**

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by brucieboy, Feb 7, 2013.

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  2. Im not suprised yours did mate its a b e a utiful example, i meant the 78 normal devon moonraker as the underdog, compared to everyone wanting westys etc, lol im going to get moonraker logo vinyl stickers made up to go on the roof edge :))
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  3. Here is mine in wet wales :)

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  4. Here is mine;
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  5. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    I wanted a Moonraker when I was growing up and when I went looking I tried to look for one because I wanted to call it Shirley Bassey. VWOlive has the Moonraker I would have had: green and white.
  6. mine's a Eurovette so I guess I'm not allowed on this thread :( lol

  7. Aw come on in buddy! lets have a looky! We've shown you ours lol :D
  8. Oh alright then...............................................

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  9. thats nice! I bet those wheels keep you busy polishing them lol,

    I want a big VW badge to go on mine too, does your front panel have the raised circle and how did you attach it?

    B :D
  10. The wheels are a bugger to keep clean and polished, plus I cannot find anywhere to re-chrome them for me...........nevermind.

    My front panel has the raised circle but the previous owner put the bigger badge on and it's got threaded pins on it (DIY) held on by wing nuts and some metal washers on the inside m8
  11. ashford chroming. dont know where you are in the country, theyre in kent. but they are good. had all my door handles done.
    p.s. very nice bus!
  12. Cheers, It seems to do the wheels you have to have a special kind of "jig" and they are too much hassle to do.

    I asked 3 companies at the Classic Car Show @ NEC back last November and they all turned their noses up to my enquiry, I am based in Sunny Devon.
  13. heres mine



  14. Resto not started yet...but it's coming...sorry for lowering the tone!
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  15. Lower the tone? Never, it's not LHD is it? ;)

    The more moonrakers the better, especially the doubletop 'daddys'...:)
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  16. Meet Yoyce - once a Moonraker always a Moonraker...!! P1010192.jpg

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  18. [​IMG]
  19. mine was/is a devon but the only 'interior' he had when i got him was a side cooker/sink/fridge unit and a table leg :D no idea what conversion it was but suspect the devon one with the seats that could face either way (to table or like mini bus).
    here he is;
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