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  1. Hi all,

    Think this is the right place for this question...

    I've got a devon conversion with the cooker, however, it's missing the upper grille part, which also holds the wind shelters up and in place. So without it they just fall (not ideal) so i was wondering if anyone is selling one, or even a whole cooker unit, or knows where to buy these grilles, or even custom ones to fit?

    Will post a picture of one i saw on t'internet tomorrow.

    Thanks all!
  2. Hard to find - i used one off an old grill pan i found at work , perfect :thumbsup:

    Might be worth posting in the classified section ?

  3. Oi Ross

    You best join the queue for a Devon cooker. I'm next in line
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  4. Mine will be going for sale when i do a full interior upgrade, will keep you in mind!
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  5. How can you upgrade a Devon interior? :eek::)
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  6. I know i know! I do love it and the wife wants to keep who knows! But my priority is to find a fridge space!
  7. FYI -Fellows were a Wolverhampton company taken over by an Italian firm.
    God knows if they have a dept. with spares that go way back....
    Or raid an old caravan scrapyard.
    Or boat chandlers.
    Every devon seems to have a Fellows...
    Be lucky.
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  8. Elddis shamal is one likely caravan donor. For a big modern fridge it will have to be a later caravan, maybe 1990ies, these are 3 way.
  9. I'm looking to keep our Fellows cooker when I put an interior back in. It seems to be missing something to hold the pots and pans off/above the burner. Does anyone have one or a pic of one that I can get fabricated? I'm thinking a bit of stainless rod bent to the required shape would work. It's just finding the required shape.
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  10. I can take a pic tonight if you want
  11. That’d be grand, thanks.

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  12. 20180407_171850.jpg 20180407_171917.jpg 20180407_171843.jpg easy to make a replica in stainless steel rod.Hope this helps any more just ask
  13. That is ideal thanks!

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  14. Mine is missing too , reminds me I’ve been meaning to make one for a few years :D I made a temp one out of a piece of flattened Ali tube n flattened the ends with a couple of bends init it keeps the walls apart as they say and to be quite honest I wouldn’t want any thing up their as potential fire hazard if it falls off :oops:

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