Devon Conversion Serial Numbers?

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  1. Hi guys, I'm guessing it's doubtful but I wonder if anyone out there has any information pertaining to Devon Conversion's serial numbers and codes - as found on this label...?

    Assuming there aren't any surviving records or information, maybe those with labels still present and legible could post their details so that we could see if there's a pattern and possibly decipher the codes?

    So my own Devon is a Caravette with poptop roof, delivered from VW to the UK on 27th March 1973 and first registered on the 8th June that same year. Likely it would have been at the Devon works for conversion some time during April or May, so is it possible that the numerical part of my code, DC-LM 005293 pertains to a date (May 29th?) or could it be the 529th conversion during 1973? Maybe we'll never know?
  2. DC - Devon Campers
    LM - "Something" Motorhome?
    005293 - just a number

    I think you're expecting too much sense from the numbers.
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  3. Thanks, is this based on actual knowledge or just a guess? If we had a few numbers to play with we could maybe confirm this either way. I guess some of us just have enquiring minds.

    A long time ago a good friend of mine also owned a 73 Devon Caravette (his a tin top) and I vaguely remember us comparing the Devon numbers and them being very close so I very much doubt it's "just a number".
  4. Yes just guessing.
    My number is long gone, I'd have kept it if I'd had one.
  5. Mine too, nothing relating to Devon at all that I’ve ever found.... I just assume it is because of the roof (the short lived ridged type).
    No idea on what conversion it was as the original interior is long gone.
    Shame really, I’d like to know... but I guess there is no way to find out, short of looking at Devon’s records of chassis numbers (if they kept them) and they would also be long gone, along with the company :(
  6. I've got a pretty original Devon.....whereabouts would that label be?
  7. Mine's on the bulkhead behind the passenger seat...
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  8. Clean!

    Ill have a look in a bit
  9. Interesting. There was some kind of plate riveted there which I think I moved when I cut the bulkhead out. That's in addition to the usual plates in the same place driver side. :thinking:

    Edit. No, it's a VW embossed options plate. :(
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  10. My label is long gone, but it used to have the code "DC 39 330 V m3t". This is a van converted to a Sundowner in 1978.
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  11. My label is in the roof, if you open the roof and look forward you can see it, will photo next time im with the van..
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  12. My label is in pop top roof.
  13. Eurovette, manufacture Oct 1973 , first registered March 1975. Sorry part of label has fallen off. Grotty paint around the label hasnt been touched since I bought the bus in 2010.
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  14. Presuming Devon were only manufacturing one style at a time (?) I'm guessing it would follow then that mine is / was a Eurovette? Rolled off the production line in August 1973, shipped to Devon, and was converted ready for registration in May '74.
  15. Devon Moonraker manufactured Dec 76 but converted in ‘79 E6F37455-0805-4E11-B839-FD88ECF25354.jpeg
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  16. I'm going to have to see if I've still got one. I've never noticed one before
  17. I expect you’ll have one, mine was behind the passenger seat, you’ll probably have one for the roof too.

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  18. 1979 Moonraker double top


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