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  1. I live in a village just on the edge of Derby, I don’t know any other V Dubbers near me, so tonight I went to the Derby Dubbs meet at the paddocks pub. Guess what, no one showed up, does anyone know anything about this club??
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    Cant help with the Derby club....But there is one in Stoke ive seen a few times at shows, not sure how far you are from Stoke ? its only the A50 if its not shut !!
  3. my brother lives in Belper,so Im often over that way ,I've seen a couple bays parked up near him ,in fact one his neighbours has a nice westy ,a bloke called Nigel,He is a mountaineer and explorer and lost some fingers due to frostbite .
  4. Are these guys in the Derby Dubb club ?
  5. Do you know when and where they meet?
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  7. Hmm, I also live in a village on the edge of Derby....

    There used to be/still is a club meet at smithys bar at shardlow marina I think, last time I spoke to Fiona she mentioned it was still going.
  8. Thank you, do you know when they meet ?

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  9. I don't to be honest - I've just searched for them and the club website is down.

    The club was/is called dubliminal - they used to host run to the hills show but that doesn't appear to be on either.

    Not aware of any other Derby club I'm afraid
  10. Thanks for looking.

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