Dent Music & Beer Festival

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  1. Also booked in ,Thursday night to Monday morning.
    See you there.
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  2. nice one :) we're Friday while Monday morning. Lets hope for last years nice weather again eh :D
  3. We are hoping to go again this year....will look at booking a pitch...
  4. Nice one, I’m sure you’ll get sorted, be good to see you both :D
  5. I was thinking about Dent the other day and wondered if anyone still went! X
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  6. there is usually a few of us there, always a great weekend in a stunning location :)
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  7. It was cancelled last year wasn't it? Or was that the year before?
  8. I'm in, had some great TLB camps there in the past, including the music festival.
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  9. It was "cancelled" due to the organiser passing away but quietly went ahead with music going on, the village hall had bands playing fri / sat nights as ticketed events with the proceeds going to charity.

    Was a great weekend all said :D
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  10. Even though the festival had to be cancelled last year a few still turned up but we also go at other times...
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  11. Might try and persuade Fran she needs a weekend of drink and music.
  12. Does not look like we will be going...
    No pitches available for camper vans or caravans...:(:(
    Unless a guy I know who lives next door to the heritage centre will let me park on his driveway.....
  13. Has the place across the road and down a bit got spaces left?
  14. They are camping and caravan club...I think they wanted 40 a night....condors farm the other way has most of the performers on which could be a laugh but you can't book you have to take your chances..
  15. Bloody hell thats gone up. A mate of ours pays a tenner a night :eek:
  16. Not gonna make it either. Visiting family in Marple instead. :(
  17. :( one day we will meet
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  18. I think you would make a good organiser for a northern meet up...somewhere like dent...
    A good site,plenty of space, couple of good pubs but you have to contend with Margaret or get @Lord Congi to...he has scared the living daylights out of her a couple of times......
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  19. You never know, I might take the reigns and organise a camp somewhere next year :D
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