Dent Music and Beer Festival 28th - 30th June 2013

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    Really wanted to come to this, new engine is running great but just started to have alternator issues and I can't afford a breakdown cos I've promised my daughter and her friends I'll take them to prom in it on Thursday and if I bugger that up I'll be in even deeper poo!
    So have a good one folks I'll see you next time,I love Dent.
  2. Pity fella
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  3. All being well, should be on site and at the bar by 1
  4. not making it tonight...tomorrow bright and early to start with the beer...maybe some music too....
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  5. oing to come up tomorrow after work...only live once and I'll regret it if not...parents are heading up before me so be kind to them you lot...they will be in their eriba :) x
  6. More the merrier. What time you starting off?
  7. Can't leave til I finish work and paul too... so won't be able to set off til 5.30 so I'm guessing we won't get there til 7 ish ;(
  8. I'll be well gone by then.
  9. Aww why? You not staying til Sunday?
  10. I mean I'll be out of my tree. Staying till Tuesday.
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  11. The weather has been glorious today, couldn't have wished for anything better :)
  12. sANDYbAY

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    We're stuck at home this weekend so we need pictures!
  13. Terrordales

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    Apparently they are being attacked by swarms of midges :lol:
  14. Good music - Great beer (though maybe not quite enough) - Excellent company. All in all a good way to spend a weekend!

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  15. Just seen the Hulkmiester passing through Gargrave on his way to Dent.
    Looking just as cool as ever, Dude.
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  16. We're all in the George, here comes Sunday dinner :)
  17. Thanks to everyone for a great weekend! Fantastic little show, excellent company and beautiful Dent :) Hope you all have as much fun as we did in the George tonight! :beer:
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  18. a great weekend..thankyou everyone for your great company!
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    We had a superb weekend, weather was great, company was great & lots of laughing :thumbsup:
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