Dent Music and Beer Festival 2014

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  1. not another one , golly hope its ok and you can get away :(
  2. cheers.........
    mostly ok but shaken, wendy's ibs has just kicked in and had vet on phone saying the dogs recovering from the anesthetic and has 2 puncture wounds to the rear thigh muscle which are deep. she'll be ok, she's a tuff old sod..
    are you not going to dent, thought you where going........
  3. cheers barney, more concerned the dog is ok first...........
  4. @wendygun we're on our way now, at Lancaster jnc 33
  5. Have a lovely time everyone and I hope the rain and midges stay away! Hope your pooch makes a speedy recovery @wendygun
  6. when i said its i ment your dog sorry i didnt know her gender then , glad shes being sorted .:thumbsup:
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  7. bernjb56

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    Hope to see you both tomorrow :( and dog is okay
  8. Coming into Sedbergh. Goodbye signal.
  9. its ok barney i took it the way you ment it, dogs home now but not with it yet but eating a little food.
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  10. Hope you ate all having fun!
  11. mark you'll get no response out of them, either there in the pub or asleep *******ed, you will have to catch em up tomorrow.
    i'll give you a hand if i turn up. thanks for earlier.
    i'm keeping up tlb tradition, 50% whiskies at bar steve's at moment............
  12. Are hav
    howis she doing? With you with th whisky!!
  13. wendys gone to bed with the dogs and left me with the whisky. its homemade though, if i get to dent and any left i'll bring it with me..............
    alcohol content is up to about 75% but you wouldn't want the hangover off that, it hurts!!!!!
    let you know if i'm going.
    bottoms up.................................................................
  14. Did congi get there

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  15. Back now and not one single midge bite ,huh JUST a sore throat from singing
  16. Had a great time and met some great TLB'ers on my first event with you guys and gals.

    What with one breakdown getting there and 4 breakdowns getting home, but we made it. Bit hairy fixing bumblebee on the motorway with no hard shoulder but survived to tell the tale. Had two years trouble free motoring so I guess I got my share in one weekend!

    Looking forward to more meets.........:cheers:
  17. bernjb56

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    Sorry to hear about your troubles getting home - did you work out what the problem was ?
  18. No mate. Replaced fuel filter, checked fuel pump, cleaned dizzy, points good, plugs good............scratching my head!
  19. bernjb56

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    Maybe start a thread in mechanical and see what the gurus come up with ?
  20. any pics of the throat, or other nasties :D
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