Decathlon Quechua modded sun shelter

Discussion in 'Camping Accessories' started by KarlB, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Having seen Scoob mention this I thought I would give it a go...wanted a sun shade for the van when we didn't need the awning and the Khyam ones are out of stock everywhere (£50 plus p&p)

    Went to Decathlon and bought a tarp...

    This was £24.99

    Popped into my local caravan place and bought 3 metres of awning beading - about £4.

    My lovely neighbour stitched the two together....I didn't need the whole of the beading and we decided to put it on in two pieces either side of the central pole fixing. This mean the tarp can still be used as it was originally designed and also makes it easier to pack up.

    I found some extra poles in the garage and ended up with a taller centre pole, figuring the rain will run off better and I'm 6ft2" so the height us useful!

    Used 3 pieces of fig 8 stuff I already have for my Khyam motordome tourer.

    Used it this weekend - worked a treat. It was really hot on Friday so it was very useful! Pretty windy last night and one of the figure of eight pieces pinged off the van. Just used the extra guy ropes to fix it down and no more problems (see last pic - just ran the rope through the fig 8 and pegged down).

    My neighbour just stitched a single run along the awning beading....but now we are sure it all works she's going to run a zigzag stitch for security. I think she's also going to knock one up for her niece! (bay owner)



    Oh, if you don't happen to have any poles knocking about you can buy Vango king poles for about a tenner. Obviously the tarp comes with 2 poles.
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  2. Thats fantastic :) Thanx for the idea I will have a go at making one :)
  3. Good effort!!😉

    I actually think that way round may be better than ours for shifting a downpour!
  4. Yet to try it in the rain, but I'm sure it will soon! Actually thinking I might add another length of beading to the other edge meaning you can 'pitch' it either way. It'll only cost another £4 to do.
  5. I will be mostly going off and buying one of these jobbies, the xtra uv one £30. will be useful on our French odyssey in a month or so.
  6. Great Idea........will definately use some of these ideas. Thanks
  7. Nice one Karl.
  8. I was inspired after seeing your post and bought one of the Decathlon tarps last Autumn. I haven't stitched the beading on it yet as I can't decide which way will work best for the pitch of the roof. I just wondered how your shelter was working, especially in the rain? :)
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  10. :thumbsup:
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  12. He's at work @sANDYbAY. If I don't tell him something when I see it, I'll for get it again. The memory is not what it used to be! ;)
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    About that £50 I lent you last year.
  14. Ha ha, my memory re. financial matters is not that dodgy! :p
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