Davina - 1979 RHD Bay (Paris roof and Homemade interior)

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  1. Wow, you've made a Vantastic camper. ! Congrats to both of you. Hope your Dad gets to borrow it when you're busy! LOL The Aux. fan, I have one in my '73 and wouldn't run without one. It makes the difference , I think, with getting the heat up to the front. Easy to set up, and just part of the VW "look" when viewed by other Vanners. Be warm, and mist free, not clouded over and shivering. LOL
  2. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    People will love you big time for posting them plans.
    Good job.
  3. it probably wouldn't be as efficient as the VW blower, but as the heat exchangers get hot regardless, you need something to either draw or push the air through them. Another solution would be to fit an aux blower in the engine bay but tucked to one side....this would be quieter
  4. if you're clever about it...mount it on the driver's side and draw your fan supply air from inside the cupboard above it....that way you'll be recriculating heated air right the way thru the van, with much faster warm ups and better flow to the rear passengers
  5. @tuesday_wildchild - my pleasure - hope it helps! The plans are brilliant to be honest, you need to take into account your materials as it assumes you will use 17mm conti for most of it (too heavy and crap when wet). When i slipped the units in and they fitted I couldn't believe it!

    I like the idea of a simple to insert/remove aux snail fan mentioned earlier....food for thought me thinks.....and keeps it original....
  6. Nice work. What happened to the Ronal R9 wheels?
  7. Didnt like the Pentas so I got rid of them in exchange for the lowering job.
  8. dog


    nice work there buddy! another one saved :thumbsup:
  9. lovely bus...:thumbsup:
  10. Little update - following on from all of the forum talks about buddy box i decided to make this out of the leftover MDF i had in the shed. Pretty pleased with it. It fits between the seats or behind the passenger seat so can be used for maps, snacks or for other quick access items - like the hook up stuff.

    I also installed the fridge properly so bring on the beers.

    buddy box.png
    buddy box 2.png
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  11. Great work fella :) Great bus!
  12. Something worth pointing out - I joined EarlyBay (i know, sacrilege!) but was glad i did as they have many all year parts for sale and also (like me) have parts for there bus that they bought by mistake.

    Anywho - managed to pick up this roofrack from a member the other week for a steal:
    rack 1.jpg
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    Very nice work.
  14. Im liking that roofrack!
  15. Excellent work mate, you and your dad should be proud of the outcome.
    Hope mine turns out half as good as that!!
  16. Nice colour, the bus looks real nice M8. :)
  17. Screenshot_20190911-164635_Video Player.jpg 20190826_152506.jpg 20190826_151641.jpg Screenshot_20190911-164727_Video Player.jpg 20190826_152538.jpg 20190826_151649.jpg 20190826_152025.jpg 20190826_152559.jpg 20190826_151751.jpg In preparation for going on a trip around Pembrokeshire in a week or so I was looking through my insurance and found some pictures of the van I took.

    Interestingly these were taken when I was prepping the van for use at my wedding. Was a nice day and thought I'd share as its a long time since I showed her off on here.
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