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  1. I am rewiring my dashboard lights........

    I've connected the two bulbs to the headlight switch (ensuring the grounds are in place on the dash) and get nothing - Can I assume the switch is faulty? I get main beam and side lights no problem.

    When I connect the wire from the flasher relay to the dashboard indicator lights, they work irrespective of me signalling left / right and in the off position on the indicator stalk. The hazard switch is not on either.

    Any advice would be great.
  2. First check all the right colour wires are connected to the right terminals on the hazard switch, headlamp switch and the headlamp and flasher relays. Then triple check all the earth's (brown) especially where they attach to the round multi-tab connector on the front panel. If all OK, it's over to someone else :rolleyes:
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  3. The flasher indicator lights on the dash go to ignition switched 12 volts not ground.
    And the oil warning light and the alternator warning light also go to ignition switched 12 volts

    The other back light wiring and main beam goes to chassis.

    Study the wiring diagram and then make your wiring match it. Theres an isolated section of metal on the back of the fuelgauge/lights part of the cluster that goes to ignition positive.

    The fuel gauge probably doesnt work either, it also uses ignition switched 12 volts.
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  4. There you go. Snotty and Mike know electrics much better than me. As Mike says, check all the wire connections against the diagram I sent you first.
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  6. I cheated and fitted a cheap bridge rectifier so the LEDs work either way round.

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