Damp garage...where to put vents...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Moons, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. My garage has ventilation but no continuous heating. It's damp and a dehumidifier made virtually no difference. I think additional insulation and reducing the ventilation is the only way the dehumidifier would stand a chance
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  2. Agree, if you have the dehumidifier you need to reduce ventilation (or leaks) to a minimum. If not you’re effectively trying to reduce the humidity of the planet!
    May be easier than you tho to achieve. My dehumidifier was running full chat because my main door was leaky. Bit of foam to pack the sides and now it’s barely on tickover.

    My outdoor gauge reads 90% typically at this time of year. Gauge in the garage reads Californian 50% but at about 8 Celsius
  3. Moons, you mentioned that your garage has no vents. If it is quiet leak free, then a desiccant dehumidifier should cost pennies to run. Effectively drying out a sealed box! It’ll hardly be ever on. No rust for £100
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  4. What insulation did you use
  5. Just a roll of boggo 4 inch fibreglass loft insulation . The metal sheet roof was the culprit , dripping with condensation despite being properly vented but the double skinning and insulation worked a treat for about 10 years whilst i live there ..

  6. Similarly, I once kept my car in a shed with a corrugated iron roof. Condensation was bad but all it took to cure it was a layer of bubble wrap nailed to the rafters.
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  7. Get a cat if you haven't already :)
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  8. Yep, the reason that the bubble wrap will have helped, is that you have effectively stopped heat escaping as much - so your shed will be warmer. And again the effect of cold exterior air entering a slightly warmer building massively dries the air. The warmer the building, the greater the effect.

    The reasoning behind all this is that warm air can absorb moisture much more efficiently that cold air. So relative humidity falls, less condensation and rust.
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  9. Moons

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    If it can reverse what is already there I'm in!
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  10. Now that would be nice!

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