Daisy’s next European adventure

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  1. European trip is definately on the cards when the lotto numbers come up. Maybe not in a heatwave though.
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  2. Nice pics..:thumbsup:
    You're all legends..:hattip:
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  3. Why wait?

    We’ve also done several
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  4. So not opening the engine lid as to do so makes it run hotter is an urban myth?!?
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  5. Its probably true for splitties where cooling vents are small and low down.
    But on a Late Bay the vents are larger and higher up specifically to suck air from as far as possible from the hot air blasting out just below . If you spent any time in traffic driving slowly with the lid open it will suck it back in, and probably the same at high speed where the bus is towing along dead air.
    I still rate this an urban myth brought on by there being a splitty in the Spanish fleet.
  6. Lack of cash. Not been on a holiday (apart from a few days camping in the UK) since i was a kid.
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  7. On north Spanish coast now another 300 miles done today

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  8. Just saying we dropped 25/30’c in oil temp within a few mins but we was fully loaded in 36+ c

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  9. come to TE it’s a cheap camping weekend.
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  10. :thumbsup:
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  11. landed and didn’t like the site bugs galore as dried up lake so packed up another 300+ miles done all made it just shows theses busses have been 1600 + miles in 46+ c heat fully loaded yes we struggled big time and the Andorra mountains was hard with no air and we removed air filters and ran with deck lids up to cool oil does it work on the split yes 100% but Iv ran it up and it was cooler !! Who cares we the “dub squad “ (new name) live the dream !!!

    Same location different destination !!
    Can’t upload pics as tap talk playing up

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  12. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    English neighbours on this site came to party
    White bits photo [​IMG][​IMG]

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  13. 500 mile round trip from here so fuel cost kills it for me.
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  14. But was that the slowing down to find somewhere to open the lid ?:)

    My oil loses 20 degrees C after 10 minutes of slow driving

    Its worth some checking though, this cooling thing. I may try a thermometer near the fan inlet. I can wire a spare sensor over to one of the CHT channels and try engine lid up/down.
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  15. . Yeh it’s in the middle and a great place by sound of it but if you live on the ends it’s cheaper to fly ya Spain fa the weekend , shame really .
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  17. If you drink all that vodka you absolutely will be waisted :eek: is your mate trying to take the top off that bottle :eek: with his cheeks?
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  18. Just sat here planning our May trip !! Netherlands Belgium Germany (stopping in Berlin ) & Poland

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  19. :eek:
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