Daisy’s next European adventure

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 1973daisey, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. She looked at me bent over to pick up her bag I said hell yeah in the front love

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  2. Amazing adventures
    You passed right by me today. That sign you pictured is by the A20 junction for my pile of stones I call a house. Looking good for the next ten days - no rain and 30+ temps..
    Keep posting
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    Top photos as always Si :) have a fab rest of your hols.
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  5. Going south merlin

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  6. It’s nice round here but just found out the French don’t open anything on a Monday pizza take away it is

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    Not sure where you were going home from on your way back :) x
  8. Yep
    First time I flew landed on a Monday in December with a sleeping bag four tins of beans and a can of coke. It was -15 and the house had no roof. ( I burned what was left of it to keep warm). Where have you camped?
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  9. Hotel in Limoges mate just 1 night to clean up festival was epic in Le Mans so off to Toulouse early doors

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  10. Shame as there is enough space and facilities here for an overnight. Let me know if you do this again as you would all be welcome.
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  11. U may withdraw this statement as there is a group of us every year so this but we’re going across Germany for next trip to Berlin

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  12. Good times Si..:cool:

    hope you all enjoy your adventures...:hattip::thumbsup:
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  13. rude not to...
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  14. All up and out today and headed to Toulouse 185 miles to campsite through the mountains it was fair to say daisy struggled a little in the 36’c temperatures a little fuel starvation just as I got to camp as fuel pump was noisy but was before fuel pump so I’ll sort that in morning only filter or something but all got here ok been fr a walk round a lake with water sports ect

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    Kids coping with the heat
    Coping with the heat in the pool
    Looks like it’s gonna be hot this next week [​IMG]
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  15. Engine cooled down had a little look at y I was getting this odd issue fuel starvation twice it happened today over the mountains and when I was at camp site I heard the fuel pump noisy like gasping!! Bingo that’s happened before so popped the filter off and boom it’s collapsed 1 end [​IMG]

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  16. Great trip pics..:cool:
    You should get some metal filters...:thumbsup:
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  17. Had the glad ones they blocked up to had a few issues with these vwh ones

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  18. Ting tong carp filters should be banned,had big issue with jk supplying them years ago , not fit for a lawn mower :mad:
  19. I had 2 leaking through the seam a few years ago brand new both did it sent them back to vwh they sent me 2 the same back so but didn’t leak now this has happened

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  20. I get the Mann ones from GSF pennies anyway £3.15 or such. Even cheaper when 60% off. Free postage to. Nothing worse than needing a £3 part and paying more to get it delivered.
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