WANTED cylinder heads 2.0 2off

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  1. Looking for 2 X 2.0 cylinder heads that may or may not need overhauling, must be crack free and fins intact.

    94mm bore.
  2. 105mm register diameter in the heads for 93mm, 94mm and 96mm bore cylinders. 1700 heads are 100mm diameter.
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  3. davidoft

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    I have some , have a long block , pm
    Me :)
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  4. I have some, what exhaust ports do you need?

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  6. Thank you
  7. I would prefer the copper gasket type
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    Without running back out in the lashing rain to check, a quick chat with Uncle Google says they should be 33 and 39mm valves. :thumbsup:

    They're the later type heads.
  10. does uncle Google say they use copper washers? :hattip:
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    Ah, I see... the oval port heads used copper washers, but these are the later (78 on) heads which use the square other type washers.
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  12. I have a pair of Oval Port heads. No cracks or broken fins etc. They are from a 1700cc. Easy to fly cut for 2ltr with the added advantage of bigger inlet valves for increased performance.
    Pm me if interested

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