CV Joint Assembly several ways to get it wrong!

Discussion in 'How To' started by martinvention, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. So a tad more on CV joints, I watched 2 U Tube clips, read Bentley, Haynes restoration and workshop and Dohhhhh still made a mistake!! Fortunately did a double check and thanks to the penny dropped. There are several variations over the years and some refs are misleading. There are 4 ways to miss-assemble x 4 = 16 possible errors. So this is what I have done and feel its finally right. [​IMG]

    1. The chamfer on the inner hub goes on the other side (axle side) 2. The big chamfer on the cage also goes on the other side. 3. The groove or side with most grooves goes on this side (flange side) 4. and the bit I got wrong the wide bit between ball grooves on the outer case faces the narrow bit on the inner hub. Fortunately you cannot get the balls the wrong way round!!!
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