Custom shifter knobs - unique in the UK now only £15

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  1. Hi,

    I have bought up the remaining stock of a custom shifter knob manufacturer in the USA.

    The knobs look really cool - a great piece of hot rod look style for your old school. I have adaptors to fit bay and split and other aftermarket shifters too. They have metal inserts for the threads not plastic, and are all polished

    I haven't seen anyone else in the UK offer something similar, so these are pretty exclusive. They are plain, swirly pearle, tarantula, metal flake, scorpion, spider, inc ghost spider etc etc.

    Here are the adaptors i currently have, only a small amount, but can get some more in from the states once i run out, though will be a little delay.

    x5 12 x 1.5
    x5 10 x 1.5
    x7 3/8 x 16
    x2 7/8 x 20
    x16 3/8 x 24
    x3 8mm
    x3 7mm?

    Fitment guide:

    Beetle 1952 - 61 Manual Gearbox 10mm X 1.50
    Beetle 1962 - 67 Manual Gearbox 7mm X 1.0
    Beetle 1968 - 79 Manual Gearbox 12mm X 1.50
    Ghia 1956 - 61 Manual Gearbox 10mm X 1.50
    Ghia 1962 - 67 Manual Gearbox 7mm X 1.0
    Ghia 1968 - 74 Manual Gearbox 12mm X 1.50
    Bus 1952 - 67 Manual Gearbox 10mm X 1.50
    Bus 1968 - 79 Manual Gearbox 12mm X 1.50
    Thing 1973 - 74 Manual Gearbox 12mm X 1.50
    Type 3 1962 - 74 Manual Gearbox 12mm X 1.50
    VW Rabbit Manual Gearbox 12mm X 1.50
    VW Jetta Manual Gearbox 12mm X 1.50
    VW Golf Manual Gearbox 12mm X 1.50
    Volkswagen 1980 - Up (Most models) Manual Gearbox 12mm X 1.50
    Volkswagen Vanagon 1984 to 1991 Manual Gearbox 14mm X 1.50
    EMPI & Hurst Trigger Shifters Manual Gearbox 3/8 X 24
    SCAT Shifter Manual Gearbox 3/8 X 16


    OK, here is the first tray, from left to right:

    1: Solid yellow £15
    2: Solid Ivory £15 #SOLD#
    3: Number 8 Ivory £15 #SOLD#
    4: jaffa/yellow pearle £25
    5: White/clearwith razor blade £25 #SOLD#
    6: Yellow/clear with shark tooth £25
    7: Blue/clear ghost spider £35
    8: Green/clear ghost spider £35
    9: Black/clear/white swirl £18
    10: Amber scorpion £35 #SOLD#
    11: Yellow/white swirl £20
    12: Grey/white swirl £18
    13: Purple/green, red flowers with matching keyring £25
    14: Large Yellow/clear crab £35 #SOLD#
    15: Large Light jaffa/clear scorpion £35 #SOLD#
    16: Large Black/clear scorpion £35 #SOLD#


    2nd tray, left to right

    1: White/red swirl £25
    2: Red/black/yellow web £25
    3: Red/black/yellow web £25
    4: Silver/red pearle swirl £25
    5: Black/yellow marble £25
    6: White/red flames, VW logo £25 #SOLD#
    7: Blue translucent metalflake £25 #SOLD#
    8: Blue/black marble £25
    9: White/red marble £25
    10: White/green web £25


    3rd tray, left to right

    1: Black/clear gold metalflake spider £35
    2: Yellow/clear wasp £35
    3: Black/clear gold metalflake scorpion £35 #SOLD#
    4: Black/red flames with Porsche logo £25
    5: Black/shifter pattern with Porsche logo £25
    6: Large Tiki £20 #SOLD#
    7: Red with V-DUB logo £20
    8: Black marble with V-DUB logo £20
    9: Black with V-DUB logo £20 #SOLD#
    10: Black/shifter pattern with Porsche badge £25
    11: Black with small "VOLKSWAGEN" script £20
    12: Black with Wolfsburg badge £20

    Close up pictures of various ones etc here:





    Postage is likely to be a about £2.50 max, may be a bit less.

    Paypal as a gift please to Make sure your username, and actual name and address are on the paypal mail please!!


  2. Cool dude 8) much they gonna retail at ? my bird wants one ;D
  3. Hi,

    Reckon on 25-35 for the knobs, with the correct thread for whatever you need, will post more when they arrive, can't wait!


  4. hi alistair,
    Let me know when they arrive.PM me
    Cheers Ian
  7. Ooh, they look very nice. Not sure about the spider ones, don't think the mrs would like them, but certainly the different coloured ones.

    Can you drop a message in my inbox when you get them in?

  8. Id be interested in that red trantula one mate
  9. Any idea when they will be in?interested in the green one.
  10. Hi All,

    Got pictures up at the top of the thread now, only got 5 bay and split adaptors at the moment, will be getting more in, but other adaptors and size i have for empi and hurst shifters etc, Bug and Ghia etc.

    Any questions or photo's required, let me know!


  11. Hi,

    Some more sold, have updated the list,

    Any questions just ask!


  12. Still lots left!

  13. Have u got the sky blue one with the razor blade for sale?

  14. Hi,

    No, soz, the razor blade one has gone, anything else of interest?


  15. Hi dude can you save me the vw 1 with flames,pm me your moby cheers ;)
  17. Hi is the Ivory one still available.

    Cheers. yozza
  19. Hi.

    Yes I have a 77 bay. Any idea as to adaptor size.

    Cheers. Yozza
  20. Hi again.

    Sorry, just looked at the adaptor guide at the top of the page.
    Could I have the ivory ball with a 12 mm x 1.5 adaptor please.
    how much would that be & How do I pay You.

    Thanks. Yozza.

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