Custom Resto 71 Dare to be Different

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by outlaw, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. I really want a full width seat but I want the middle one to unclip and lift out so I can you the walk through or double as a storage box
  2. Maybe you could adapt something by using a couple of split rear seats?
  3. That might be an idea I've been looking into a few things need to be secure though
    Modern cars have clip in seats so maybe mod one of them
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  4. everything has gone of to the trimmer / she is running now - i.c.e kit is all working properly - a few mot jobs to finish when i get a few spare hrs - the end is in sight :burp::burp::burp::burp::burp::burp::burp::burp::burp:
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  5. Gladys gets a small step to a cool summer - 50s usa style drive in tray
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  6. Looking Ace Outlaw!
  7. A big push on to get things finished - drive shafts all swapped out - fuel tank lines and filters all done - dizzy swapped out for electronic unit likewise the coil - all the rear underside is painted nice and detailed - new master cylinder fitted - Trimmer dropped over today and had a foam fit out on the rear seating area will look lush - the to do list is getting smaller
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    I just sat and read this whole thread again just for the pleasure of seeing you take a dodgy looking rust bucket and turning it into a unique and fantastic looking camper.
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  9. thank you still a lot more detail to go - swamp cooler coming and other little bits
  10. i love corona =) haha

    nice van an project btw
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  11. I want stripey dampeners!
    (Or are they dampers? Never sure; let the debate begin!)
  12. this is the last custom bit to go on a thermador swamp cooler - this will be painted same body colour and a pinstriped

    Rear brakes to rebuild and a tune up and then mot time folks
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  13. Way to go, you've come a long way! Congrats!!!
  14. i have a pair of 8mm thread billet Maltese cross nuts made these are Clamp nuts for the swamp cooler

    Different !!!!
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  15. I love that swamp cooler! I want one! What a great idea! Have just been looking at them on American eBay! Looks like I won't be getting one anytime soon! :( not cheap are they!
  16. i will be taking templates from this one and try and make some dummy ones
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    Looking better & better all the time Dale :thumbsup:
  18. Just sat and read the whole thread ... You are a man blessed with many talents ! Fantastic van .
  19. another step closer today the rear brakes are all rebuilt inc handbrake all new hub nuts - one small bleed issue to sort - swamp cooler all sprayed yellow ready for sign writer on Wednesday - so another few more jobs off the list nearly detail polish up and mot time - must chase up the trimmer I have seen a couple of the cards she is going to look lush inside simple and very effective old skool tuck n roll and pipeing - less is more good old hot rod style
  20. Can't wait for pic's! Bring them on!

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