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  1. Morning

    I'm about to fit curtain track and have a couple of questions....

    What height above the windows do people usually go for ?

    Do you fasten the track above the sliding door bend (bent to match the curve) and do you keep the track for the other window on the door side the same height ?

    Does anyone put the track above the rear tailgate - so the curtains aren't attached to the tailgate (pics of how you fit it if so would be good)


  2. Hopefully someone will add some photos of the correct set up

    My rear curtain is on the tailgate. Your idea sounds good.

    My sliding door set up seems weird.
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  3. My curtain track follows the contour of the sliding door track and is mounted on it, so that is the level of the curtain track all round. This puts the track just above the tailgate. I also measured down and sewed magnets into the hems so the curtains stick to the body work and not hang.
    The only place this is a slight issue is the tailgate, because the curtains have to wrap around the hinges. The magnets hold it in place at the bottom. I think mounting them on the tailgate would be better, but not enough that I want to change it .

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  4. Cheers

    I've actually gone above the sliding door track - but followed the contours ... and then followed that all the way round ... I too have fitted the track above the tailgate ... Good call about the magnets as I'm hoping to do that also :)
  5. I wish I had done the magnets!

    Here is a photo of my weird set up above the sliding door. The one from the windscreen goes too far round - slightly over the sliding door.

    Hence the front passenger curtain covers a bit of the sliding door.

    I'll check how others have it at the next techenders.

    I think my tailgate curtain rail would have been better mounted under the headbanger locker. Then I could have the tailgate up, but curtain closed.

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  6. ahh - you have less roof than me above the sliding door ...

    mine are like this


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  7. Yes I have devon hammocks
  8. Me too.

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  9. Does your curtain track look like mine above the sliding door?

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